Chapter 1

Welcome to our new website! Although we’ve been around for about a year now, this is the official launch of our website and blog. You can find out more about our projects and the people who make them possible by clicking on some of the links in the sidebar, but here’s a quick rundown if you’re feeling lazy:

Mike Valverde

Bee Smart Publishing was founded in 2017 by two people. Elana Wagner and Mike Valverde decided to create an independent publisher for their books that would focus on educational children’s literature. The goal of every book published by our company is to both entertain and impart knowledge to a young audience without feeling overt or manipulative.

Elana Wagner

Under the pen name Elana B., these two enterprising individuals published two books under the Bee Smart banner in that same year. They are called My Brother Is A Stinky Brat and Three Strikes But I’m Not Out, and they both follow two siblings who struggle with getting along and properly expressing their emotions. In addition to providing amusing rhymes and colorful illustrations, these stories include advanced vocabulary with the aim of teaching young children new words. This trend will continue with future Elana B. books to be released later this year.

Speaking of new releases, Bee Smart Publishing has two more Elana B. stories that will be published this year. The first is The Petty Prince, an upcoming summer release about a selfish rabbit who learns an important lesson about empathy. The second is an imaginative rhyming fantasy called Pumpkin Nubbin Town that will be released in the fall.

We hope you stick around to see where our story goes. If you have any questions or would like to contact us for press purposes, you can leave a comment below or send an email to

To be continued…


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