Our Vision

All of the stories we write are geared around providing equal parts entertainment and education. Any opportunity we find to teach a lesson about life, nature, science, philosophy, or history will be wrapped up in an equal amount of suspense, action, humor, romance, or horror. The goal of Bee Smart Publishing isn't to trick children into learning, but to encourage them to look at the world in an inquisitive and engaging way.

Our Story

After many coffee shop conversations between Elana Wagner and Mike Valverde, the idea for an independent educational children's book publishing company came to be. With the aid of talented graphic artists and illustrators like Davina "Viv" Kinney and Nikki Lynn, Bee Smart Publishing was created as a way to harness the creative power of multiple generations for good.

Meet the Team

Bee Smart Publishing was started by writers, designers, and artists who shared a vision: to encourage literacy and the pursuit of knowledge for younger generations.

Elana B.

Elana Wagner

Founder, Author

A multi-award-winning writer, speaker, and internationally published author with an endless amount of stories to tell.

Mike Valverde

Mike Valverde

Author, Designer

A freelance writer and editor with experience creating multiple forms of online content and a passion for education.

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